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Brent Hawley

Brent's Offences:

1. Caught eating marshmallow fluff straight from the jar in the middle of the night... with no spoon

2. Talking through movies... but was let off with a warning

3. Updates Facebook status every minute while at the gym... while wearing spandex


Dee's Offences

1.  Blatant disregard for fashion trends
 2.  Stalking Gord Downie
 3.  Gratuitous use of the word "Snapadoodle"

Brad Hilgers

Brad's Offences

1.  Wearing his Cheesehead to weddings and funerals
 2.  Creating an outgoing voice mail message the length of "Freebird"
 3.  Falling asleep during chick flicks, the ballet and when any conversation starts with "Did you hear about Lindsay Lohan?"



Dave's Offences

1.On Thunder Bay Police's speed dial for noise complaints involving New Kids On The Block's "Hangin Tough" album.

 2. Actually wearing a Borat bathing suit in public. Click here to see image

3. Still not complying with his Molly Ringwald restraining order

Scott Chasty

Scott's Offences

 1.  Referring to himself as "Scotty Too Hotty"
 2.  Continuously playing music no one's ever heard of
 3.  Repeatedly misunderstanding the term, "dog at large"

Holly Siczkar

Holly's Offences

1.  Decorating the control room for made up holidays
 2.  Went to a Moffatt's concert
 3.  Completely Freaking Out on people who steal pens and highlighters

Kaile Wanzuk

Kaile's Offences

1.  Walking into a Macs without pants AND shoes
 2.  Stuck gum in Wolfie's fur at an L.U. game
 3.  Feeling the bras at Sears