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Kroeger VS Krueger

ROCK 94 and Wacky’s Thunder Bay bring you Kroeger VS Krueger all part of the 94 Days of summer with ROCK 94!!
One man has had numerous hit singles, sold millions of albums, is the lead singer of one of the most known bands on the planet! The other has been in a handful of cult classic horror films, sold millions of tickets to movie theatres, Likes to hang out on Elm Street, and is known to give you nightmares! Chad Kroeger, Nickelback front-man and Freddy Krueger, Horror Icon!

Rock 94 and Wacky’s Thunder Bay will be sending one lucky Rockaholic and their guest to see Nickelback with special guests Daughtry LIVE in concert on Thursday, August 24th at the Minnesota State fair in Saint Paul! with hotel accommodations.

Rock 94 will read a line from a Nickelback song or from one of Freddy Krueger’s movies – the Rockaholic that guesses which Kroeger/Krueger sang/spoke the line correctly wins a prize and will join ROCK 94 Live On location at Wacky's to play in the Kroeger vs. Krueger Shoot Out. Shoot Freddy in designated areas and score points, inadvertently shoot Chad and points will be deducted. The highest score wins and walks home with the grand prize!