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Runs N Your Hoses

Runs N Your Hoses for Guns N Roses

We know Rockaholic Moms ROCK so together with Wacky Wings, we are sending the ROCKIEST MOM of ROCK moms to ROCK out to Guns and Roses Live at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on July 30th including Overnight Stay!

But we wouldn’t be doing GUNS N ROSES justice if we didn’t make our ROCK MOMS work for it…just a little by playing Panty Hose Bowling! 

Rockaholics will be encouraged to listen for the “bowling” cue to call and the 9th caller becomes a finalist to join ROCK 94 Live on location at Wacky Wings on Friday, May 5th to compete in Pantyhose Bowling!

The ROCK MOM that can Pantyhose Bowl the best…..WINS the grand prize!